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Got To Feel It
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Rehan Dalal may be an unusual candidate for the role of a soul musician. He doesn't necessarily fit the traditional mold. Born and raised in Bombay, India, he grew up surrounded by Classic Rock cover bands, Bollywood singers and classical Indian musicians. However none of these sounds drew him in as strongly as the pulsing groove and earnest sentiments of Soul. After moving to Canada, he soon picked up a guitar and began writing songs. It was the start to an exciting journey that would find him finally making the music that he always found solace in.

On June 25th, 2013 he released "Got To Feel It", his debut record, produced by Justin Abedin (Justin Hines, jackSOUL). It is a collection of songs that touch upon a range of styles. Featuring soul stylings, R&B grooves, pop hooks and folk lyricism, Rehan's music is influenced by the early 60's soul sounds of Sam Cooke and Ray Charles; to the Motown era magic of Stevie Wonder and The Temptations; but also draws from more modern sources.

In the last few years he was won several awards and has garnered acclaim for his engaging live act. Performing at various festivals and sharing the stage with the likes of Divine Brown, Big Sugar and David Ryan Harris. He was even described as "Really groovy" by drummer Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Eric Clapton) and "Very compelling" by, Universal's head of A&R, Mark Spicoluk.

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